Buying a Tree this Christmas

We hope you have landed on this page in an effort to find a place from which to buy a Christmas tree this season. River Ridge Tree Farms invites you to visit us and check out our broad selection of trees. With about one million trees planted, you’ll have your share to browse. Whether you have an image in mind that you’ll be looking for or no real requirements, we can almost guarantee you won’t leave here empty handed nor disappointed. Our specialty, and many shoppers’ favorite, is the North Carolina Fraser Fir, but there are plenty of other types, and various shapes and sizes.

Before you venture out, it’s always a good idea to know, at the very least, the maximum size tree you can have – that is, how much tree will your space accommodate? Not that it would ruin your holiday spirit, but getting a tree in the house to find out it won’t fit isn’t the exact scenario one looks forward to. Do yourself a favor, before buying a tree this Christmas, do a little pre-shopping measuring.

Other details, you can pin down prior to your arrival or even while you’re browsing, if at all. Some people have strong preferences when it comes to their tree of choice. They may want a six foot Blue Spruce with shorter needles, a fuller figure, and a wider base, for example. From the most laid-out description to a blank canvas, River Ridge Tree Farms has a tree that’s right for you.

Not to worry. If you’re on your way to our farm as you’re reading this, or simply plan on coming with no specifications, your experience will be no less enjoyable. We understand going with the flow and making a decision in the moment. At the end of the day, you too will have a remarkable tree you won’t soon forget. The end result is always the same, for anyone buying a Christmas tree here, as our products are consistent from one row to the next.