Wholesale Christmas Tree Prices

Here at River Ridge Tree Farm we want to offer you great wholesale Christmas tree prices do that we can get you the be deal. We want you to have the best Christmas tree for Christmas so that it will make your holiday so much better. We want you to have a good quality tree while at the same time only paying the wholesale prices. We want to have competitive prices so that we can provide you with a great quality Christmas tree. Click to contact us about our upcoming season and Wholesale Fraser fir trees for sale.

We have been in business since 1983, with a well owned and maintained family tree farm. We take great pride in growing the Christmas trees for our customers because from coming and cutting down the tree to decorating to putting presents under the tree, it is a very important part of everyone’s Christmas holiday. Once you start getting your trees here you will always get your trees from us because of the beauty in each and every one of the trees that we grow.

Located in Ashe County, NC we have been able to strive off of the great climate and soil conditions to produce beautiful quality trees. We have a variety of different tree to choose from including Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Canaan, White Pine, and last but not least the Fraser Fir. WE have approximately 1 million trees for you to choose from ranging in size from 2 to 23 feet tall, and any shape from short and fat to tall and skinny. There is no doubt that you will be able to find the right tree for you and your family. Something else that we offer is our table top trees, and the choice of a red or green stand to put you tree on which we package to our customers specifications. If that wasn’t good enough we offer the these at wholesale prices with available mail orders that can be shipped anywhere in the US.