So Many Christmas Tree Farms in North Carolina

In our region of North Carolina, Christmas tree farms are about a dime a dozen. This isn’t a bad thing, though, especially for the shoppers. Not to mention, there is a reason for seeing one every so many miles as you drive through the mountains on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Speaking of, in some places, you’d swear farms border each other. Regardless, from our perspective, Christmas tree farming is a great industry, and whether we have one competitor or thirty, we love farming!

Here at River Ridge, we take pride in our trees, and love nothing more than seeing them on the top of a car heading to their final destination to fulfill their purpose. Many people mistakenly assume that buying real trees are bad, and so to avoid hurting the environment, they go with Plan B – an artificial tree. The problem is artificial trees are the culprits, the ones that are far from eco-friendly. Real trees are recyclable, a renewable resource, and facilitate in supporting local communities. When you buy a tree from our farm, or any farm in North Carolina, you’re contributing to a healthy environment.

Tree farms vary from the simplest kind to a major holiday attraction. It’s all about what you like and how you want to celebrate the season, which one on the spectrum you should visit. In any case, they all foster the same end result, and that’s providing you with a real Christmas tree. Some farms offer hot chocolate and various refreshments, others provide services like tree shaking and bundling, and you have ones without any bells and whistles, just good old-fashioned trees. We invite you to our farm to decide for yourself where we fit in. Hopefully it’s on your calendar between Thanksgiving and Christmas, earning our way into your holiday tradition. Out of all the Christmas tree farms in NC, we will work for your business and value your support.