Where to find Christmas Trees

The mountains are the most widely known location for finding Christmas trees. Searching for where to find Christmas trees? Many families like to make an occasion of selecting their perfect tree and most always want to find out where to find Christmas trees that are shaped and grown the best. If you want to cut your own Christmas tree, visit River Ridge Christmas Tree Farms in NC.

You can cut a fresh tree, straight from the farm when you head to the Blue Ridge Mountains of the High Country. Our Crumpler NC Christmas Tree Farm is located in the Appalachian Mountain range, at high elevations. The higher elevations are the best location for growing our favorite variety of trees, the Fraser fir tree.

We grow thousands of trees and then ship the wholesale Christmas trees to small scale farms and tree lots that most families visit. If you are looking for where to find Christmas trees, and do not live near a mountainous location, you probably venture out to the local tree lot set up in your town. We supply several lots and farms with Fraser fir wholesale trees, it is likely that you are selecting one of our trees when you pick your own Christmas tree from the lot.

Our farmers have been growing North Carolina Fraser fir Christmas trees since 1983. That’s a long time and for many years we supplied many lots in the region and around Ashe county. Today, this region is known for its large volume production of Christmas trees, wreaths, roping and garland. The next time your family is gathering together to pick your own Christmas tree, think of our family farm. It is likely that you are choosing one of our prized trees, grown high in the mountains of Ashe County, near West Jefferson and the New River.