How do You go about Buying a Christmas Tree?

For some, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to buying a Christmas tree – they know where they are going to get the tree, when they are going to get it, what it needs to look like, what type it needs to be, you name it. For others, it’s the exact opposite – they go with the flow and possibly have different patterns year after year. Then, there are those in between. Chances are you are a part of either the first or third group considering you’ve landed on our site. No matter which of the three categories you fall under, we invite you to visit our farms in Crumpler, NC, this season. We can certainly help you out with the where, and even what. We’ll leave the when up to you, but it’s always beneficial to come sooner than later.

River Ridge Tree Farms grows premier Fraser Firs, along with a variety of other trees, intended for the sole purpose of celebrating Christmas. Every one of our seedlings is nurtured so to develop into the best tree it can be. No limb is overlooked. We work all year round so that families across the country can marvel at the greenery over a period of a few weeks. Ask any of our team if it’s worth it… no doubt about it. Childhoods tend to involve at least one memory of a Christmas tree. We don’t mind if your children don’t remember our name or even our farms, so long as they remember our tree(s). More importantly, we strive to grow trees worthy of remembering. So when you ponder the question of where to get your Christmas tree this year, let’s hope it’s the last time you have to ask. From here on out, let the tradition begin. River Ridge will put the tree in your Christmas.