Family Christmas Tree Farm

River Ridge Tree Farm has been a family Christmas tree farm business since 1983, and we are growers of Fraser Firs, table top trees, and wreaths and garland. We want our Christmas trees to add to your Christmas holiday, and make it something that you will remember. We want to exceed our customers expectations buy growing our Christmas trees with the best quality possible.

Christmas trees are a very important part of the Christmas holiday, and the tree is a part of the whole family. Families all over have traditions of going out and choosing the perfect Christmas tree. Then they will bring it home to set it up in the perfect spot for everyone to see. People will have many ornament that have been passed down, came from friends, made by children, etc. so decorating the Christmas tree can also bring back a lot of memories, and make for a great time. The tree will have many presents under it by Christmas morning, making giving and receiving so special. Last but not least the tree will be there through all of the festivities to make for beautiful decoration and the fresh fragrant of the Christmas season. To all ages a Christmas tree has many meanings for everyone no matter how big or small, so River Ridge wants to be apart of that by growing beautiful trees in whatever shape and size that you may want to add to the season of Christmas.

We work hard to please each and every one of our customers to make sure that everything is to there satisfaction. We treat our customers like they are family, because it is important to us to let our customers know how much we care. Having this quality helps us to want to make everyone’s Christmas holiday one that they will never forget. This bond with customers will show them that we care and that we will always be there when they need a Christmas tree for the season.