See What Our Christmas Tree Farm has to Offer You

We have been growing high-quality seedlings and award-winning trees in the mountains of North Carolina since 1983. Our farm features approximately one million trees of varying types, shapes, and sizes. The one element that’s the same is their health. We grow healthy trees; it’s as simple as that. Our hard work, practices, and values produce nothing less.

Our pride and joy is the Fraser Fir. It should come as no surprise, as it’s many others favorite, as well. They fill the role of a Christmas tree exceptionally well, on account of their needle retention, softer needles, and firmer branches, especially. If you’d like to consider another type, we grow also the attractive yet sharp Blue Spruce, the Norway Spruce with its drooping branchlets, the very subtle scented, and therefore, “hypoallergenic” White Pine, and last but not least, the newcomer to the Christmas tree family, the Canaan. Ask us about any of these and we’ll gladly fill you in on what you can expect from each. If you don’t want to make an official decision, there’s nothing wrong with simply walking through the rows and finding the one that looks the part, no matter its qualities. Any of our Christmas trees will be a great buy; you can’t go wrong.

Live far away from our farm and doubting whether you want to make the drive? Everyone is welcome, and the experience is worth your time, but for your convenience, we ship anywhere in the U.S. Click here to go to our online Christmas tree shop where we sell real Christmas trees online and ship them direct to your front door.We offer retail and wholesale, too. We make every effort to anyone who wants one of our premier Christmas trees the opportunity to get one. While this is our business, and we need to run it like one (in order to stay in business), we do put our customers’ needs first. Christmas is a time to give, so we give where can in honor of the season.