Cut your own Christmas tree

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and there is nothing better than going to River Ridge Tree farm and cut your own Christmas tree. We offer our customers all different trees including Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Canaan, White Pine, and the best of all Fraser Firs. We have a large farm with approximately 1 million trees for you to choose from that range in size from 2-23 feet tall. We strive to have great quality and success, to make our farms one of the best places for you to get and cut your tree. The Christmas tree is an important part of Christmas so you definitely want to find the right one for your Christmas season.

Getting a Christmas tree should be an important day and we want to make the day you get your tree special, and a moment that you can cherish with your family. You will be given the opportunity to walk through as many trees as you want and choose which Christmas tree you would like for your home. We want you to be able to enjoy a beautiful tree throughout the holiday and remember the tree for years to come. Christmas is a very special time of the year where families get together and we would love for you to have a special tree to go with those moments.

We have such a variety of trees that you can choose from and whether you have a perfect tree in mind or you just want to look through all of them and find one that speaks to you, River Ridge will have it. We work hard all year to grow high quality trees that will make everyone happy and there Christmas holiday that much better. Being able to create great memories of cutting down your own Christmas tree is something you will never forget, and we can help you create those wonderful memories.