Wholesale Christmas Trees for Sale

River Ridge Tree Farm is the Place to go to get wholesale Christmas trees for sale. When you get your trees from us you will know that you are getting the best deal and the best trees because we have worked hard to grow quality trees for you. We want to give our customers great prices so that we can help your lot or fundraiser to be more profitable. We are a family business that wants to do everything we can to help you and give back in the season of Christmas. Click here to contact us about our Wholesale Christmas trees for sale and to find out prices and availability for the coming season.

One of the important things for Christmas trees is that they are fresh. When a tree lasts until mid January, the customers will keep coming back, so instead of cutting our trees early in October we don’t want to cut a tree down until November so that they will last longer in the season. So that your lot can sell more trees we have flexible delivery by having an initial delivery and a delayed one, so that you will have more space on your lot. This will help to be not as cluttered and give you more room to operate. Also if you are just selling Christmas trees you might want to consider selling garland and wreaths too because that can raise your revenue by 15 percent. The wreaths and garland that River Ridge offers has quality just as good as the trees, so you will be able to make so much more this season.

You don’t want to miss out on any of the great opportunities that we have to offer people with smaller lots or people raising money for fundraisers. We want to help out as much as we can for our community so that we can all do well in the Christmas tree business. All of the little things can make a big difference in the long run, so it is better to try and fail than to not do anything at all.