Have no Fear about Wholesale

You may find differences in practices and standards between solely choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms and those who (also) serve as wholesalers. Likewise, there are justified concerns when purchasing a large quantity of Christmas trees. However, nothing of the sort should be a thought of any River Ridge Tree Farms customer. We offer a single tree no better or worse than we do a whole truckload of them. Every one of our trees is grown to its highest potential, and no tree leaves our grounds if it doesn’t meet that expectation. When planting and cultivating, we don’t split trees up between retail and wholesale, pouring more work into the ones that will be sold individually. Besides, even those purchased from us at our wholesale prices will most likely be sold singularly at some point. We respect this for our retailers.

Some fear that sellers will try to pull a fast one, throwing a few “bad eggs” in the batch. That is the last thing we at River Ridge would do. First and foremost, we don’t grow bad trees. Sure, we may have a few stubborn seedlings that either take a little extra work and time to be a nice tree or simply don’t have it in them to be a Christmas tree; the latter will never leave our land. Secondly, we sell only high-quality trees. That is one thing that sets us apart- our premier products. Why would we jeopardize our foundation? Thirdly, Christmas tree growers, wholesalers especially, thrive off of repeat customers. It can be hard enough to find first-time customers, so when we have the opportunity to form a lasting relationship with one, we aren’t going to jeopardize that.

When you place an order for Christmas trees with River Ridge Tree Farms, you’d be no better off hand-selecting them yourself. We do it for you. Just wait and see.