North Carolina Wholesale Christmas Tree Farms

River Ridge North Carolina Wholesale Christmas Tree Farms are a part of an elite group of growers. The team of farmers at River Ridge had the pleasure of providing the United States White House with a 21 foot Fraser fir tree and winning the National Christmas Tree Association’s contest in 2008. We were the grand champion. Only a select group of growers receive this type of award and recognition. Each year growers wait to find out which farm will be selected to provide the best and most perfect trees for the White House’s various rooms. Our farm won that esteemed place in 2008.

Since that time, we have remained a family owned and operated wholesale Christmas tree operation, shipping countless trees each season across the country. We supply large and small scale tree lot operations all across the country and region.

Our farm prides itself on maintaining a high standard for the care and quality of trees that we grow and produce. We care for the trees all year long and cut them at just the right time so that we can supply our clients with the freshest, best trees. Our trees remain fresh throughout the entire holiday season and will not be dried out when you get them off of the truck. This is because we employ the use of several methods for maintaining the trees moisture levels.

We grow all sizes of Fraser fir trees as well as lesser known species of Christmas trees including Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Canaan Pine and White Pine. Give us a call, or contact us if you’d like a Price List and Availability Sheet for the upcoming tree season.