Wholesale Christmas Tree Farms

Check our current Christmas tree availability list of sizes and prices. River Ridge Tree Farms wholesale Christmas tree farms ships thousands of trees from our Ashe county location in the Blue Ridge Mtns., supplying countless households and businesses with fresh, Fraser fir Christmas trees that are perfectly shaped. There are many wholesale Christmas tree farms in our state, but not all of them are created equal. When you buy from wholesale Christmas trees from our fields, you will understand that you are buying from a farm that has maintained their standard of quality and care for decades. Click here for our Wholesale Fraser fir trees product list.

Since 1983, when we planted our first Christmas tree seedlings, we have operated with integrity. Our trees are cared for year around and our farmers take their job of caring for nature’s bounty very seriously. We are stewards of the environment and we have changed our methods over the years after learning better ways of growing Fraser fir trees.

Many times wholesale Christmas tree farms cut their trees much too early as they gear up for tree season. Hungry buyers start asking for trees earlier and earlier in the year. Our wholesale Christmas tree farms maintain a standard and to keep that standard we do not cut our trees too early. We also employ state of the art methods for keeping our trees fresh and green. Our kind of quality can only be delivered after years and years of experience in growing and cutting our trees.

We want the families and consumers that end up with our Fraser firs to have a fresh, beautiful tree that keeps well through the holiday season. A dry, dead tree that has been cut too early is not a very pretty sight in your home and we know that. It also poses a potential risk for catching fire as well. Our staff are seasoned farmers and our wholesale Christmas tree farm has been recognized as one of the best. We operate a farm that features probably a million or more trees. Give us a call if you are interested in our quality Fraser fir trees. We’d love to discuss the availability of the trees this season and our pricing with you.